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  • Traveller Review: Morocco Meteor Shower, December 2022 (15 Minute Read)

    The following is an article written by one of our travellers, Bob “Diggs” Brown, who joined our Morocco Meteor Shower tour in December 2022. Many thanks to Diggs for submitting this fantastic blog post about his experience in Morocco. I decided I would visit Morocco after hearing numerous enchanting...

  • Get Quiz Ready With A Year of Fun Fact Friday (12 minute read)

    If you don’t follow us on Facebook and Instagram then firstly, why not? We’ll let you off if you follow us right now! Secondly, if you don’t follow us, then you’ve been missing out on our weekly Fun Fact Friday! Here we share little-known nuggets about the countries and...

  • Your Questions Answered: The Egypt Sleeper Train (7 minute read)

    On the majority of our Egypt tours, we include one or two journeys by overnight sleeper train, from Cairo to Aswan and Luxor to Cairo. There are several reasons for doing this. Namely, using the Egypt sleeper train keeps costs down when compared to flying. We can pass these...

  • 11 Reasons to Book A Trekking Holiday (10 minute read)

    A trekking holiday is a dream vacation for intrepid travelers looking to satisfy their wanderlust. Explore different cultures and landscapes on your own two feet and get up close and personal with nature. Every breathtaking hiking adventure begins with a single step. Whether exploring Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or...

  • One For the Bucket List: Husky Sledding in Finland (6 minute read)

    What is the main highlight of a winter trip to Finnish Lapland? Is it the chance to spot the magical Northern Lights dancing across the night sky? Taking the children to meet Father Christmas at Santa’s Village, before he sets off on Christmas Eve to the delight of children...

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